When sharing your timelines with clients or others, you can increase your brand exposure by adding your logo to the timeline header. Here’s how:

First sign in to the Profile section of the Folio Dashboard.

To do this, you can go to https://amitree.com/folio and click on the “Profile” link on the left-side menu, or go directly to https://amitree.com/folio/profile.

Add your logo to your profile.

You can drag and drop an image of your logo into the Company logo box on the profile page, or click the browse link in the box, to search for an image on your computer.

The image must be a JPEG or PNG file no larger than 5 mb.

The image will be uploaded, and appear in the Company Logo section, as well as at the top-left corner, above the menu.

*NOTE: On team plans, if the admin adds or changes a logo, this logo will appear on the dashboard for all teammates, but not on timelines they create.

Remember to click the Save button at the bottom right. You can always return to the Profile section to replace or remove your logo.

Now, your logo will be on the header of each timeline.

*NOTE: Branding is a professional feature, and is not available on the basic Folio plan

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