Manage your project’s tasks and notes from its Smart Folder. There are two ways to add a task or note:

  1. From the Folio sidebar in Gmail, click on the “add task” button.

  2. Highlight the relevant text in an email you’re viewing. Then click on the “add task or note” button.

Working on a task with a collaborator

Stay on the same page as your teammates by assigning them tasks.

  1. Type the @ symbol in the “description” field and input the assignee's email address.

  2. Click on the circle next to their email address to assign the task to that person.

We will send the sharee and assignee an email notification with the contents of the task.

Document the details

In the task or note, you’ll find the following fields:

  • Smart Folder: the folder that the task or note is related to

  • Description: the details about the task or note. This is where you can mention a collaborator by their email address.

  • Due date

  • Time

  • Status: when a status is assigned to the note, it becomes a task

Sync with your Google Calendar

With a Folio account, we will sync with your Google Calendar, so any task with a due date will be automatically added as an event on your calendar. Never miss a deadline!

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