With your help and feedback, our team is constantly making Folio better. Below are some of the bug fixes, improvements, and new features we've added to the product in the past year. Enjoy!


June 22

Improvement: If you are a logged-out Microsoft 365 user, you will automatically be signed into your account when you access a timeline from an email.

April 27

Fix: Unit numbers were not being saved for new construction folders. They are now saved and factored in when organizing emails.

Fix: When a folder is created for a unit, and the unit is referred to by a letter ("Unit A", for example), we would not look for references to #A when organizing emails.

April 21

Fix: If you create a folder by checking the new construction/vacant lot checkbox, and include a property address and a client's email address, the property address will be listed in the folder title.

Fix: When converting a pre-contract buyer folder to a buyer under contract folder, an address is now required. All under contract folders must have an address.

March 30

Fix: If you tried to create a folder while viewing Folio on a smaller computer screen or monitor, the button to create the folder did not appear unless you zoomed out. This has been fixed.

February 26

Improvement: It is now easier to manually input a property address, with the "new construction or vacant lots" checkbox. The checkbox is available for both seller and buyer folders.

February 2

Fix: If you manually defined the property address for a folder and then edited the folder, the address did not appear in the folder's details. This also sometimes led to the wrong address being associated with a folder.

Improvement: If we lose permission to access your Google or Microsoft 365 contacts, you can easily grant us permission again from various places in the product, like your settings page.

January 5

Improvement: You can now create pre-contract seller folders! Previously, a seller folder would automatically be created as "under contract" and would have to be edited afterwards. Now you can indicate the folder's contract status from the first step.


December 9

Fix: If you edit the name of a key date, the calendar event for the key date will reflect the edited name.

November 19

Improvement: From your timeline templates, you can edit key date names and descriptions. Learn more.

November 9

Fix: Some users were not able to connect their Folio accounts to Google Drive from the settings page. This has been fixed.

October 27

Improvement: To improve security, now only team admins can manage their Team plan subscription. The other team members on the plan will now see the name of the subscription owner, the number of seats/accounts, and the billing interval.

October 19

Improvement: For Google users, Folio timeline invite and review request emails now come from your Folio account's email address. This will increase the email's visibility and ensure clients and collaborators can email you directly.

Timeline event reminders will come from folio-notifications@amitree.com. Please add this email address to your contacts.

Improvement: Sometimes the address in a suggested Smart Folder would contain the wrong unit number or the word "#City". We have improved the accuracy of our suggestions, so this no longer happens.

Improvement: All-day timeline events that don't have a specified start and end time now appear as "free" on your external calendar.

September 29

Improvement: Due to a change on Google's side, we were only able to search the most recent 1500 contacts in a customer's Google Contacts, when suggesting contacts in various product areas. We have improved this, so we can search all Google Contacts, if permission is given. (Please note, Google has a limit of 25,000 contacts.)

September 25

Fix: In a previous release, we removed the ability to color code our smart folders in Gmail. The extension has been updated to bring back color coding.

September 16

Improvement: You can now duplicate timeline templates! From the timeline template itself, you'll see the option to duplicate it. Note that this is a paid feature.

Fix: "Under contract" smart folders require a transaction address. However, sometimes you could remove the address but keep the folder under contract. This is no longer possible.

August 18

Improvement: The "transaction fell through" option is available for buyer folders! It was previously only available for seller folders.

Improvement: When you create a new custom timeline template, you must designate the template type. This helps prevent templates from being created under the wrong type.

Fix: When accessed through a mobile browser, a resource with a phone number could not be called.

Fix: Some users were not able to log into their account due to an issue with the email providers we integrate with (Google and Microsoft).

Fix: When an email is associated with a confirmed smart folder and a smart folder suggestion, we display both folders in the Gmail sidebar, if you have the Chrome extension installed. We resolved issues with displaying the right folder in the sidebar and deleting the correct folder if the suggestion was rejected.

August 4

Improvement: Team plan admins can now disable smart folder suggestions for the people on their team. (At least one person must have suggestions enabled.)

July 28

Fix: In some cases, we did not display the correct permissions for someone that a timeline was shared with. This was only a visual issue and not an access issue.

July 10

Improvement: You must confirm a smart folder suggestion before you can add information to the folder and the timeline.

July 8

Improvement: For Team and Business customers, we have added a new page called “My Team” to your left sidebar. All team members can access this page, but you will see different information, depending on your role:

  • Plan admins will use this page to manage the team.

  • Everyone can see who is on the team. They can also copy service providers, timeline templates, and resources to other teammates’ accounts.

The Collaborators page better explains the role of a collaborator and no longer has information about your Team or Business plan.

July 1

Improvement: A link to the timeline is included in the calendar event description for a timeline event. This applies to both Google and Outlook calendars.

Improvement: When you share a timeline with someone who doesn’t have a Folio account (like a client) and they reply to the timeline invite email, their reply will now go to your email address.

Improvement: It used to be possible to remove a contact from a pre-contract folder that only had a client’s email address and no address. This would result in issues with the smart folder email filter. A pre-contract folder with no address must now have at least one contact associated with it.

Fix: Our site was running a bit slower than usual and is now functioning at normal speeds.

June 19

Improvement: You can now purchase a Team plan for 2-10 accounts. We hope these new pricing options will make it easier for you to collaborate with others on Folio.

Improvement: When someone shares a timeline with you, you can import the timeline into your account without adding the timeline events to your calendar. You can also disable calendar events for a folder that you create. This option is available from the smart folder’s “...” button on your homepage.

Fix: When a free user had fewer than 3 smart folders and a smart folder was shared with them by a subscriber, the folder would be incorrectly paused and inaccessible. This no longer happens.

Fix: If your Outlook calendar event had an attendee, resyncing your calendar would delete some events from your calendar and not recreate them. Resyncing your calendar does not result in this issue anymore.

Fix: If there was an issue with a link in the “request a review” email body, we wouldn’t explain the problem. We now show an error message.

June 3


  • We explain what happens when you add your client’s email address in the Smart Folder creation process.

  • We now prevent you from adding your own email address as the transaction’s buyer or seller. This prevents us from inadvertently filtering all of your emails into a Smart Folder.

May 29

Fix: The bottom of the contact role dropdown menu used to be unreachable. You can now select any role for your contacts.

Improvement: During pre-contract Smart Folder setup, it is now possible to select a timeline template. This functionality is currently available on our website and will be added to the Chrome extension in the future.

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