Folio for Podium is an email assistant that allows mortgage brokers to easily sync their loan related emails with Podium in seconds. It makes staying compliant with record-keeping regulations using Podium fast and easy.

Folio for Podium provides full control to brokers. You decide:

  1. Which email to sync

  2. For each email, whether to include attachments

  3. Which loan application in Podium to sync the message with

It works with both Gmail and Office365. It does not require any downloaded software, can be used in any web browser on desktop and mobile, and can be used directly inside Podium.

The Gmail Chrome extension

For the best experience of Folio, Gmail users can install the Chrome Gmail Extension.

Sync a message

In Gmail, open a message, click on the “Folio for Podium” button, and click the “Sync to Podium” button near the Application or client record you want to sync.

If you want to include attachments, select the “Include attachments” checkbox in the upper right corner. The syncing process will happen in a few seconds, depending on the size of your message and attachments.

How to use Folio to sync email messages with Podium

Sync a message to multiple Podium records

Click the “Sync to Podium” button near the “Sync to all records above” label to sync the message with all of the records listed in the Folio box.

Sync a message to multiple Podium records

Search loan applications and client records

Use the search field to sync a message with a Podium record not listed in Folio.

Search loan application

Sync an outgoing message

  1. Click “compose”.

  2. Check the purple checkbox near the send button.

  3. Once you send the email, a pop-up will appear and you can choose which Podium applications and client records to sync the message to.

  4. Press “ESC” key to close the pop-up.

Sync a thread

When syncing a thread, Folio will sync the latest and all previous messages with Podium. If new messages arrive after a thread was synced, Folio will inform you that the latest email of the thread is not synced.

For granular control of what messages to synchronize in a thread, use the Folio for Podium web app.

Check if a message has been synced

Once you sync a message, a Folio for Podium purple check mark icon will appear in the message view. Hover your mouse over the logo to see the list of synced Podium records.

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