If you're collaborating with someone on a transaction, imagine the confusion if you and your colleague are working on separate timelines for the same deal. You wouldn’t have visibility into what the other person is doing, and you wouldn’t have a single timeline website to show clients.

To prevent this situation from happening, only one timeline should exist for each transaction.

Now, let’s say you have your own smart folder and timeline, but you decide to work off of your colleague’s timeline. After they share their timeline with you, you’ll be invited to join it. We'll also show you that you have to resolve a timeline conflict on the smart folder in question.

If you accept the invite, the following will happen:

  1. Your version of the timeline will be removed and no longer accessible.

  2. Your timeline events will not transfer over.

  3. The people you invited to your timeline will not be invited to the new timeline.

  4. The contacts and files in your smart folder won’t change or be edited.

So if you have your own timeline with information you want to keep, be sure to save that information before accepting your colleague’s invite.

Learn more about how to accept a timeline invite here.

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