One of the benefits of having a Folio account is that your connected calendar will automatically sync with your timeline events. However, there are occasions when things don’t get updated in a timely manner or are missing. You can ask Folio to synchronize the timeline with your calendar directly from your settings page. 

Resynchronize all events

Get all your events on your timeline to appear inside your connected calendar. All the events you see on your timeline will sync (1-way) to your calendar and will update on their own if there are any changes from inside your timeline. 

  • Log into your relevant Folio account (

  • Got to the Settings tab

  • Scroll down to find the Calendar Events section

  • Click on the Re-sync Calendar button

  • You’ll see a confirmation message at the top of page that the sync has started

Answers to common questions

Where do I find my calendar? 

  • Once it is completed, which can take several minutes, go to your calendar and make sure your “Transactions by folio” or “{your name}’s transactions” calendar is enabled.

What missing events should I expect to show? 

  • Any deleted, renamed, or events that were manually moved will reflect how they are currently set inside your Folio timeline in your calendar.

I don’t have a Folio calendar, maybe I deleted it?

  • If you don’t have a Folio transaction calendar, Folio will recreate it as part of this process.

I shared the timeline, will it re-sync their calendar too?

  • If you shared this timeline, please note this only resyncs your connected calendar, not anyone else’s. If they are Folio users, they can follow the same steps on their account. 

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