Sender Sidebar

The Sender Sidebar shows you a summary of all the emails, documents, files, and events you exchange with people you email with. You’ll see this variant of the sidebar when you’re looking at an email that’s not part of a Smart Folder. Folio has learned how to organize even when you don’t define a Smart Folder, and the Sender Sidebar gives you that efficiency across your entire inbox.

How to toggle the Sender Sidebar on and off

The Sender Sidebar has two modes: always open (on every email) and manual mode. You can choose to always see the Sender Sidebar on non-Smart Folder emails by default, just leave it open and it’ll always show. To enter manual mode, click the Folio icon shown in the animation above, and you won’t see another Sender Sidebar until you manually trigger it on an email you want to learn more about.


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