What happened? 

If you removed, re-nested, or renamed the Folio smart folder found in the left-hand sidebar of your inbox, it likely broke the link to the Folio sidebar. These actions can result in a situation where you see your emails in the folder but not the Folio sidebar or vice-versa.  

In general, avoid moving or editing the Folio labels/folders. Currently, Folio does not support subfolders inside the Folio parent folder. Nor should you re-nest Folio folders outside of the main folder.

How to fix it

The good news is that your timeline still exists. You can access it from amitree.com after you log-in and manage it from there, or you can try to reconnect them.

From your Gmail, try to recreate the label or to rename the label back to the original name. It will help bring things back in most cases. 

Create and nest the label under the Folio parent folder exactly as you see it listed in the smart folder view on the website, what you see after the last forward slash(/). 

In this example: 

  • "1 Gibbon Ave" should be nested under the Folio parent folder

  • See how here

  • Refresh your browser

If that doesn't bring it back, contact us for further assistance. 

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