Feeling good about your timeline? It's time to share it! 

How to share

All you need to do to is click the share button.

  • Find and click on the share button above your timeline

  • Enter the name or email address of the person(s) you want to invite

  • Or click on the Invite to timeline (+) to add suggested contacts

  • Choose how you want to share the smart folder, "view only" or "can edit"

  • Review or customize the email message in the "review invitation note" tab

  • Click "Save changes"

Congrats! You have shared your timeline.

Share from the Gmail extension 

  • Click on the share button towards the top-right of the Folio sidebar

Common Questions

What do recipients of a shared timeline get?

  • They'll receive an email invitation (from your email address) to the timeline

  • They can access the timeline from any device, and it works beautifully

  • They'll receive email reminders to events that you've set reminders for

  • They'll be notified when you make changes to the timeline

  • If they open the invite email from their phone they will be prompted to opt-in to text SMS notifications (optional)

  • If you opted to share with edit permission, learn more about that here

Will my emails and other sensitive information be shared? 

  • Folio will not share emails, documents, or private notes

  • The timeline will not display anyone's email address

  • All timeline updates and replies are treated as private

Can you preview what the timeline will look like? 

Yes, you can switch between the Edit Timeline and Shared View by clicking on the icons at the bottom of your timeline. 

How do I know who is shared on a timeline? 

Click on the share button, and you will be able to see who is shared and which permissions they have.

How do I un-share or remove someone from the shared timeline? 

  • Click on the share button

  • Click on the check box to the right of their name, it will turn into a (+)

  • Click on Save Changes

Can people on the timeline see other people’s email addresses? 

  • No, Folio will not display anyone’s email address.

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