After you have added your smart folder, you'll be taken to a new page that contains your timeline. 

And with that, you have a basic timeline website. 

You'll notice it already has pulled in a picture of the property from Google Street View (Loans), and has some of the information you've added already there. 

With a few small additions, it can become a valuable resource for your clients.

The key dates are there, but there's obviously a lot more to be added before this thing is ready to be shared. Adding additional events to your timeline is easy. 

Add dates

  • When you're viewing your timeline, look for and click on the ADD DATE button located at the top of the timeline

  • A popover will appear where you can add your event. 

  • Start with giving the event a name

  • Add a relevant date or provide a time frame based on the offer accepted date

  • Click Save

Additional options
When adding events, you can provide all sorts of important information:

  • Add a time- it will reflect in the synced calendar

  • Status- indicate the progress of the event

  • Add a reminder- ask Folio to send out an event reminder to everyone

  • Add a note- on average clients visit the timeline three times per week, make the most of it by providing relevant information

  • Set visibility options to limit who can the event (e.g. private events just for you)

Suggested dates

Folio makes it even easier by providing suggested dates, based on the type of loan. You'll see these showing on the timeline by default.

  • Click on one of the suggested dates makes it easy for you to simply add it to the timeline

  • Not relevant? Click on the (X) to remove it from your timeline view

Next step, sharing. Click here to learn more about the final step.

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