So you've created an account and want to get started. Here's a quick guide to walk you through adding your first smart folder, and sharing it with your client. 

First-up, you need to add a client to Folio.  

To do this, you can either approve one of Folio's suggestions or manually add your own.

If Folio found a relevant suggestion, go ahead and confirm it by selecting it and completing the setup steps. 

Gmail Sidebar

If you're using the Chrome extension, simply click on the Folio button in your account. 

  • Select one of the found clients (if they're in-contract, they'll sometimes show up as an address instead)

  • Or click on 'Add a Smart Folder' to manually add one (more details in the section below)

  • Once you select the client, you'll see a prompt like the one below 

  • Simply click the Yes button, and you've added your first smart folder!

  • You can also click to Remove the suggestion

Outlook and Web

If you're not using the Chrome extension, simply visit Folio on the web, and find the suggested client from there. 

  • Click the ADD button for a suggested folder

  • Click on Add Smart folder to add your own manually (more details below)

Manually add your own smart folder

If Folio didn't find a good suggestion, don't worry, you can manually add your own. 

  • To create a smart folder manually, simply click the  'Add a Smart Folder' button 

  • You can find it on the website pretty easily, and if you're using the Chrome extension, it's an option under the Folio button (shown above)

  • Fill in the relevant loan details

  • Click on Create Smart Folder

  • Type: Pre-approval or Loan (under contract client)

  • Add Buyer/Seller email: Required for Pre-approval types, but optional for Loans (if added the smart folder's name will include the name/email of the client)

  • Yes, you can add more than one email address

  • Under contract: add the property address if one is involved at this stage

Now you've got a smart folder! Step two is to add your contacts. 


If you've added a pre-approval client, you are all set. Folio will start filtering the emails between you and your clients. Skip to the timeline section.


If your client under contract, Folio will prompt you for some basic information to complete the setup. 

First up, you'll be asked to identify your client (if you haven't already). 

  • Add the "Client" role to your buyer/seller

  • Or manually enter their email address in the empty field

  • Don’t worry; this will not share anything with any of the contacts! 

This is your opportunity to identify and add other relevant players too. Plus, if you add them now, they will be shared with your collaborators when you share the smart folder. 

  • Click on Add Role on the suggested contacts

  • Scroll down the list to select a relevant role or add a new one

  • Nothing will be shared with your contacts at this point

  • Click Continue

Next, you'll be asked to add the key dates. 

The Folio key dates are offer accepted, and estimated closing

  • Click on one of the fields to open date selector

  • Click on Continue To Timeline 

  • Adding in key dates help create the skeleton for the timeline

  • If you have custom templates saved, you can use the template dropdown to select it

  • Don't worry if don’t have any dates yet, click on the option to skip this step on the top-right and add them later

Continuing from there will take you to the timeline website. Click here to move to the next step and learn about the timeline. 

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