Folio is the first email assistant for real estate professionals. Once you connect your inbox, it gets to work organizing your clients, helping you stay on top of your day to day. 

Find and organize your clients

When you connect Folio to your account, it starts analyzing your email for keywords and phrases that indicate you're working with someone, either in the early stages, or under-contract. For a client that's under contract, Folio will often suggest the address of the property. Otherwise, it'll suggest the client by name.

When Folio finds a potential client, it will ask you to confirm whether it got it right. You can easily approve or reject those suggestions, and that helps train Folio's algorithm to do better in future.

For a pre-approved client (or one you manually added), Folio will automatically create a smart folder for them. You'll see these smart folders appear in your email--as a label in Gmail, or a folder in Outlook. In that smart folder, Folio will automatically add relevant emails, and make it easy to access important documents or contacts that pertain to that client. 

Track important dates

For each added client, you can keep track of important dates, such as those tied to the contract, or important loan dates. You can add or update these events right from the email (if you're a Gmail user), and everything is automatically synced to your Google or Outlook calendar.

Shared timeline website

For each client smart folder, Folio creates a website where you can choose to publish the important dates relevant to that client. These timeline websites can be shared with your clients, the other agent, or even a lender or title officer. The timeline keeps all relevant parties in the loop. Recipients receive reminders for events (only if you set reminders!), get updates when changes are made, and can access the timeline from whatever device they'd like.

The Gmail Chrome Extension

For the best experience of Folio, Gmail users can install the Chrome Gmail Extension. You can create, share, and manage your timelines directly from your Gmail inbox. No more switching in and out of different program windows! 

If you’re new to the Folio extension or need a review, watch this tutorial video.

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