How do I contact support? 

  • The best way to reach us via email,

  • You can also reach us by clicking on the blue circle found on the bottom right of our help center

Is there a support number? 

  • We don't have a dedicated support phone number today, but we can resolve the majority of issues through email

  • Although we are a small team, we will always respond to your inquiries 

  • Please provide some detail about the issue you are experiencing, and our team will then determine if a screenshare is best

I'm a paid user, is there a dedicated channel? 

  • If you are subscribed user, please contact us through your Folio connected email address (the one listed on your account page)

  • Contacting us through your subscribed email account will prioritize your inquiry in our queue

When should I expect a response?

  • We typically respond within 24 hours during our normal work week to our subscribers

  • Within two business days to our free plan users

When is support online?

  • We are in the office Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM 

  • Please note we are on Eastern Time 

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