Folio automatically creates smart filters to organize your emails based on a property address. Folio will search for the address inside the subject line, body of the email, and attachments. However, there are times that call for updating or the expansion of those filters. 

How filters are set up

When you create a transaction smart folder (client under contract) Folio applies the following filters: 

  • "123 Main Street" OR "123 Main St"

For most transactions, these filters are sufficient to identify and filter your emails into the correct smart folder. However, there are situations that are not covered by the standard set up. 

  • Variations in spelling (123 O'Brien Rd, vs 123 Obrien Rd)

  • Variations in how the address is referenced inside emails (123 NW Main St vs 123 Main St)

  • The inclusion or exclusion of unit numbers (123 Main Street #3, vs 123 Main Street)

  • New construction and vacant lots (Lot 3 Cordoba HWY, vs Lot 3 00 Cordoba HWY)

Expand or Edit filters

To help ensure that Folio catches all the relevant emails, you can edit your filters. 

  • Expand the filters by filtering by just the the street number and street name

  • "123 Main St" OR "123 Main" 

  • Add additional variations of how the property is or could be referenced 

  • "123 Main St" OR "123 NW Main St" OR "123 North West Main St"

How to make filter changes

  1. Click on the Settings button inside Gmail

  2. Find and click Edit for your Smart Folder

  3. Make changes to the filter

  4. Click Continue

  5. Select the option to apply filters to existing conversations

  6. Click on Update Filters to save

Best practices

  • Include the property address in your email subject lines

  • Be consistent in the way you reference the property address

  • Update filters for vacant lots properties

  • Update filters for new construction properties

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