What are the benefits of a Folio Pro subscription? 

  • Create smart folders for all your clients--from those looking for a house, to those who've already found one
  • Find your email, contacts, and files for your clients automatically organized on your phone, tablet, computer, and in your inbox
  • Create a cheat-sheet for each and get everything you need organized on a single page
  • Create as many custom templates as you need (cash-only, out of state deal, long/short closing)
  • Grow your brand after each close with our helpful Request a Review feature
  • Downloadable PDFs of your emails
  • Automatically upload your transaction documents to Google Drive
  • Personalize transaction timelines with an image of your property
  • Access to our Help Center and Priority support** (support@amitree.com)

Want to learn more? Watch our video tour here.

Visit amitree.com/plans to sign up today!

**Priority support**-- We have an SLA of 2-hours during our normal work week (Mon-Fri). Please note we are on Eastern Time.

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