Each Folio account only supports a connection to a single email inbox. However, you can move your paid subscription status if you changed emails or need to move to another email account.

How to move your subscription

Prepare your new account

First, make sure your new email account is connected to Folio. You may need to create a new Folio account by visiting amitree.com and setting up your new account. 

Each email address can only be in our database once, so if you previously changed your Folio profile email address (alice@atw.com) to display another email address (alicetw@email.com), change it back. This will free up your email address, so you can create your new Folio account (see details at the bottom of the page).

Transfer your subscription

  1. Go to the Account tab at amitree.com (from your currently subscribed account).

  2. Find the Subscription Transfer section.

  3. Enter the email address of the Folio-connected account you want to move your subscription to.

  4. Click on the Move Subscription button.

  5. You will see a confirmation message at the top of the page.

What happens to my existing timelines? 

  • The ownership of Folio transactions cannot be transferred to your new account. However, if you have transactions you want to continue managing with your new account, just share them with edit permissions.

  • Folio will provide a temporary grace period to your former account to keep your existing timelines active and help during your transition period. 

  • Learn more about sharing timelines with others or yourself here

What else should I be aware of? 

  • Do not delete the account that was originally subscribed to Folio until you have successfully moved your subscription or archived your timelines. 

  • Do not delete the smart folders/timelines if you want to continue managing them.

  • All your new smart folders and timelines should be created from your new account.

  • If you're part of a Team or Business plan, let us know as we may need to complete some changes from our end. Email us support@amitree.com or have the primary subscriber contact us. 

  • Templates, service providers, and resources are not automatically moved. If you'd like us to move them to your new account, send us the email address of where they currently are and the new account you want them moved to.  

Common situations

Unable to create a Folio account for your new email address or you get a message that the address is already in use? 

You likely have your Folio profile email address set to display the email you now want to be connected.

  • Go to amitree.com

  • Go to the Profile tab

  • Change your email back to the original email address Folio connected to, and Save

  • Sign out and try to sign up again

  • You may want to try a private window or incognito window

Still having trouble?

Send us a message at support@amitree.com for help, along with the following:

  • The email address of the current subscription holder

  • Which email account we need to transfer to 

  • Anything else we should be aware of, especially if your email address, alias, or domain has changed

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