We now support new construction and vacant lot properties! Simply start a smart folder for a client like you normally do and enter the property address.

How to enter the property address

If you want a folder for a new property, make sure to enter it in the following format: 

  • {Number} {Address name}, {City}, {State} {Zip Code}

  • Example "Lot 3 Hwy Dd, Amherst, WI 54406"

  • If that doesn't work, you can enter it manually

Entering the address manually

If your property doesn’t fit the format or is incomplete (i.e. the property number is TBD), you will be asked to manually add the address. 

  • Click on “add manually”

  • Enter the information for all the required fields

  • Apt/Unit # is optional 

  • Click “Create Smart Folder”

Important notes

The automatic email organization may not function as expected due to the nature of these properties and how others refer to them inside your emails. 

  • A best practice is to add the property address to match the way you will expect it to be referred to in your emails 

  • Example: If the address is referred to as 'Lot 1 Main Rd' in your email subject lines vs '00 Main Rd'-- list the property address as 'Lot 1 Main St, San Francisco, CA 94100' 

  • Example: If the address is referred to as ‘TBD Hwy 50’ vs ‘TBD U.S. 50’ enter it as ‘TBD Hwy 50’

  • Additionally, you can edit the Gmail filters to help catch variations people use or that Folio doesn’t currently catch

Still can't create a transaction for your property?

We can help edit an existing transaction and update the address you wish to have a smart folder for.

  • Create a dummy transaction with a known property address

  • Contact us (support@amitree.com) and let us know the full address you wish to change it to (include state and zip code)

  • Indicate which side you will represent

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