We understand it can be frustrating when you can’t create or make changes to a transaction when you need to. However, there are common reasons why and simple solutions.

Common Issues

  • Unable to create or confirm a transaction

  • You see a block of red error text when creating a transaction

  • Edits to your timeline or settings do not save

  • Updates or changes to your templates do not save

  • Transactions for new construction or vacant lots don't save

How to solve most issues

Log-out and log back in

Too many open browser windows or tabs with Folio may cause issues. 

  • Try closing all your browsers windows and tabs 

  • Next, open a single new window and go to amitree.com. 

  • If you are automatically logged into Folio, log out and log back in with your relevant account (see how here)

  • Try creating the transaction or making the appropriate change

Multiple transactions for the same property address

Folio currently only supports a single transaction for a unique property address at any given time. Go to amitree.com/folio to assess the following situations:

  • Suggested transaction- Folio may have already picked up the transaction and listed it in your suggestions section

  • Shared transaction- a collaborator or a colleague may have already shared a transaction with you for the relevant property

  • Un-archived or duplicate transaction- You may have a previously created transaction that was not archived or needs to be deleted (see how here)

New development or vacant lots

Folio doesn't fully support new construction or vacant lots at this time. However, we can add or edit the address from our end. Learn how we can help here

Confirm your connected email account

You may be logged into an account you didn’t expect. Many Folio users have multiple email accounts, some also connected to Folio. Do you use a shared computer? Or switch between multiple accounts during the day? 

  • Go to amitree.com

  • Sign In, and go to the Account tab

  • Confirm the account you are logged into

  • For extension users, verify the Gmail/G-Suite account you are logged into Gmail

Did you migrate your email account or change to a new email address?  

Another common source of issues comes from changes to your email account. If there was a change to your email address or domain learn what to do here

No changes?
Contact us via email or chat with details about what you are experiencing (screenshots alway help). We will take a look at get back to you.

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