Once you have been added to a transaction, Folio will prompt you to accept the transaction.

Accept from Folio website (Collaborator)

Once the invite is sent, you can visit https://www.amitree.com/folio or use the link from the invite email.

  1. In the Folio tab, you will see an “Suggested Smart Folders” section above your current smart folders.

  2. The shared smart folder will display who is trying to share with you.

  3. Click the “Join Timeline” button and confirm “Yes, import this timeline”.

Important notes:

  • Sharing client smart folders (pre-contract) with a Folio collaborator is not currently supported. Meaning, they won't see the option to accept your version of the timeline. You need to convert it into an under contract type. See more details here.

  • Only a single transaction timeline per property can exist at a given time. By accepting to replace your transaction, your version of the timeline will completely be removed. If you have your own timeline with events important to you, you may consider not accepting it. 

Accept from Gmail sidebar (Collaborator)

  1. You will receive an email with a subject line similar to “[Your Name] has invited you to edit the 123 Main St timeline”.

  2. If you have the Folio extension installed, you will see a prompt on the right-hand sidebar to accept the timeline.

  3. Once you click YES, there will be a new window letting you know the shared timeline will replace your existing one.

Once accepted, you are all done!

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