Once you have archived a smart folder, it will live in a new section labeled Folio Archive.

Unarchive or Restore Smart Folder

After clicking on the archived folder, you will see a prompt to:

  • 'Download Emails to a PDF' to request a PDF of the related emails

  • 'Restore' which will re-activate your transaction folder, and it's existing timeline if you have a slot available. 

These actions currently only exist through the Folio Gmail extension, but is coming to the website soon.

Can't find the Folio Archive folder? 

If you are using the new version of Gmail, you may have to click on 'More' or use the sliding bar to find your archived folders.

Outlook and Web only users

You can restore a smart folder by visiting the archived folder list. 

  • Click on the 'Active Smart Folders' drop-down next to the 'All' folder

  • Select 'Archived Smart Folders'

  • Find your smart folder and click on the three-dot menu

  • Select 'Restore'

  • Switch back to the Active Smart Folders list 

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