Did you create a new custom template you prefer to use, or did you change your existing template and want to update your timeline? Once your transaction is created, you can change or re-apply a template to the timeline. It’s quick and easy to do. 

How to apply a template

  1. Visit the main web app page, amitree.com/folio

  2. Find your transaction and click on the three-dot menu on the right

  3. Click on ‘Apply timeline template’ and select your template

  4. Review the confirmation window and ‘Apply’

Please note that all your current timeline events will be cleared out. 

Common situations

Re-apply template

If you change a template it will not automatically update existing timelines that use it. You will have to apply the same template to your timeline. Please note, it will clear out existing dates. 

Changing key dates does not update other events

The date logic for events is only applied when you initially add your key dates. If you change a key date (i.e., estimated closing date) it will not update events based on that date. However, you can change the dates and re-apply the template, but it will impact all events. Start by clearing out the key dates before you apply the template to reset the date logic. 

I can't apply the template I created

Are you missing templates options when trying to apply? The options that available will depend on your representation. If you created the transaction as a listing, only custom templates based on the listing templates will be selectable. However, you can always change the representation by editing the transaction or you can recreate the template. 

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