Outlook users can turn on email organization in Folio, so that their transaction emails are automatically organized into property folders as they're received. It's the easiest way to keep your inbox clean and organized.

When you turn automatic organization on, a few things will happen:

  • A "Folio" folder will be created in your Outlook account

  • Any new transactions you create after the fact will have a property folder added underneath the "Folio" folder

  • Any new emails received that are part of those transactions will be automatically moved to the right property folder after a few hours -- we wait a few hours, so you have a chance to see the email in your inbox first

How to enable smart folders in Outlook

To turn on email organization, simply visit your settings page and turn it on.

Common Questions

Will it re-organize my existing Outlook folders?
No, it will only create folders and organize emails for transactions created after you enabled the setting.  

Will the new folders be available on Outlook web and the desktop app?

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