So you've created an account and want to get started. Here's a quick guide to walk you through adding your first smart folder, and sharing it with your client. 

First up, you need to add a client to Folio.  

To do this, you can either approve one of Folio's suggestions, or manually add your own.

If Folio found a relevant suggestion, go ahead and approve it by selecting which side you represent (the buyer or the seller).

If you're using the Chrome extension, simply click on the Folio button in your account, and select one of the found clients (if they're in-contract, they'll sometimes show up as an address instead).

Once you select the client, you'll see a prompt like the one below. Simply click the relevant button, and you've added your first smart folder!

If you're not using the Chrome extension, simply visit Folio on the web, and find the suggested client from there. Click the ADD button, and select the side you represent. 

If Folio didn't find a good suggestion, don't worry, you can manually add your own. To create a smart folder manually, simply click the "Add Smart Folder" button. You can find it on the website pretty easily, and if you're using the Chrome extension, it's an option under the Folio button.

To manually add your own smart folder, fill in the relevant details.

Now you've got a smart folder! 

If you've added a client under contract, Folio will prompt you for some basic information to quickly set things up. 

First up, you'll be asked to identify all the people involved in the transaction or simply add your prospective client's email address(es). 

This is your opportunity to identify and add relevant contacts too. You'll need to at least identify the buyer/seller involved in the transaction to continue or the buyer/seller if they are pre-contract. 

Don’t worry; this will not share anything with any of the contacts! 

Next, you'll be asked to add the key dates and select a timeline template. 

For a buyer smart folder, the key dates are offer accepted, and estimated closing. For a listing, it's those two, and the listing agreement signed date.

Adding in key dates help create the skeleton for the timeline. 

Don't worry if don’t have any dates yet, click on the option to skip this step on the top-right. You can add them later.

Continuing from there will take you to the timeline website. You'll notice it has already pulled in a picture of the property from Google Street View, and has some of the information you've added already there. 

And with that, you have a basic timeline website. 

With a few small additions, it can become a valuable resource for your clients.

The key dates are there, but there's obviously a lot more to be added before this thing is ready to be shared. Adding additional events to your timeline is easy. When you're viewing your timeline, look for the ADD DATE button located at the top of the timeline.

A popover will appear where you can add your event. 

  • Start with giving the event a name

  • Add a relevant date or provide a time frame based on the offer accepted date

  • Click Save

Folio makes it even easier by providing suggested dates, based on the type of smart folder you create. You'll see these showing on the timeline by default. Click on one of the suggested dates to add it to the timeline.

When adding events, you can provide all sorts of important information:

  • Add a specific time for the event

  • Annotate the event with a status (e.g. complete, in progress, etc.)

  • Set a reminder to be sent on a specified date

  • Add notes that might be useful to a viewer

  • Set visibility options to limit who can the event (e.g. private events just for you)

You can learn more details about the additional options here. 

When you feel good about the information added, this is a good time to send it to your client.

All you need to do to is click the share button.

  • Find and click on the share button above your timeline

  • Enter the name or email address of the person(s) you want to invite

  • Choose how you want to share the smart folder, "view only" or "can edit"

  • Review or customize the email message in the "review invitation note" tab

  • Click "Save changes"

Congrats! You have shared your first timeline. 

Common Questions

What do recipients of a shared timeline get?

  • They'll receive an email invitation (from your email address) to the timeline

  • They can access the timeline from any device, and it works beautifully

  • They'll receive email reminders to events that you've set reminders for

  • They'll be notified when you make changes to the timeline

  • They'll get reminder text messages to all events if they opt to receive text alerts

  • If you opted to share with edit permission, learn more about that here

Will this share my emails or documents?
No, Folio never shares your emails or documents.

Can you preview what the timeline will look like? 

Yes, you can switch between the Edit Timeline and Shared View by clicking on the icons at the bottom of your timeline. 

How do I know who is shared on a timeline? 

Click on the share button, and you will be able to see who is shared and which permissions they have.

Can people on the timeline see other people’s email addresses? 

No, Folio will not display anyone’s email address.

How do I unshare someone? 

  • Click on the share button

  • Click on the check box to the right of their name, it will turn into a (+)

  • Click on Save Changes

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