It happens! And if it does, simply visit the Folio website, and find your listing transaction under the timeline list. Click the menu to the right of the transaction, and select "Transaction fell through"

What will happen

  • Selecting the option will result in all events on and after offer accepted being cleared out. 
  • You'll then be able to add new dates in, once you have a new buyer in contract.
  • The option is not available for Buyer side timelines. It is best to archive/delete it and start a new one. 

Important notes

  • You do need to manually remove the old client from the timeline (if you shared with them). That's easy though: just click SHARE again, and remove them (see here).
  • Currently, this option is only available through your Folio homepage (
  • Only the owner for the timeline (the person who created it) has the option available. 
  • Pre-contract client timelines don't have this option.

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