Getting Folio to work well for your team is easy, and just takes a few simple steps to get started.

First up, you should decide how you and your team will use Folio. Consider the following:

  1. Who will be creating the transactions in Folio? Should each agent be creating their own transactions in Folio, or should they all be done by someone specific in the office, like an assistant or TC?

  2. Does the office assistant or TC need access to everyone's transactions?

  3. Does the team lead or broker need access to everyone's transactions?

Figured that out? Great. 

All team members should create a Folio account

If each agent will create their own transactions and needs a TC to update and manage them:

  • Then, each agent should add the TC as a collaborator, and set them to receive each transaction the agent creates

  • The TC will then see that transaction in their account, and be able to update everything, and it'll sync back to the agent

If transactions will be created by an assistant, and the agent wants it synced to their calendar:

  • Then the TC should add and share transactions with the relevant agent, and the agent can import it to their Folio account and calendar

How to make sure the team lead gets visibility into everything:

  • For each person creating transactions, make sure they add the team lead as a collaborator, and set them to receive each transaction created by anyone in the team. That’ll result in all transactions being shared with them, so they have a dashboard of everything in one place

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