What happens when I permanently delete my Folio account? 

Deleting your account is not reversible, and your Folio data, Smart Folders, and timelines will not be recoverable.

If you're experiencing a problem with your account or would like to disable Smart Folder suggestions, please contact us at support@amitree.com instead of deleting your account.

If you are confident that deletion is right for you, note that the following will occur: 

  • Folio will lose its connection to your email account.

  • All timelines will be deleted and anyone with whom they’ve been shared will not be able to access them (they will see a “page not found” message). 

  • All reminders for timelines you’ve created will be erased and no longer sent.

  • All the Folio Smart Folder labels, including Folio Archive, will be removed (Gmail). Your emails will not be deleted, but they will be removed from the Smart Folders.

  • Your Folio calendar and all synchronized events will be removed. If you have shared these events with others, they will receive cancelation notifications.

  • Automatic email scanning, sorting, and folder creation will stop.

Note: Folio will not delete emails of any kind if you delete your account. Your emails will continue to live in your inbox.

You can permanently delete your account from the main Folio website:

  1. Log into your account at https://www.amitree.com/folio

  2. Navigate to the "Account" tab: https://www.amitree.com/folio/account

  3. Click on "Permanently Delete Account (and all associated data)"

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