When you first sign up with Folio, you will start on our Pro plan for a 14-day trial. After the trial period expires, you can upgrade to one of our paid plan options or remain on our free plan (limited to three concurrent smart folders). 

What do they include?

Folio paid plans will provide you with an unlimited number of Smart Folders that you can share with your clients, admin, TC, or any relevant players. You’ll also gain these exclusive features:

  • Email organization for your client pre-contract and under contract smart folders

  • Create smart folders for all your clients -- from those looking for a house, to those who've already found one and are now in escrow

  • Find your email, contacts, and files for your clients automatically organized on your phone, tablet, computer, and in your inbox

  • Create a cheat sheet for each client and get everything you need organized on a single page

  • Google Drive and Docusign integrations

  • Create as many custom templates as you need (cash-only, out of state deal, long/short closing)

  • Grow your brand with our helpful “Request a Review” feature

  • Downloadable PDFs of your emails

  • Access to our Help Center and Priority support** (support@amitree.com)

We have more features in the pipeline; stay tuned for new updates!

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What does it cost?

Where do I subscribe? 

Note: Be sure to verify you are upgrading the correct account if you use multiple email accounts. We can always help if you come across any bumps along the way. If you upgraded the incorrect account, learn more about how to transfer to the correct account here.

Folio for Teams

We offer significant discounts for teams or brokerages on a per-user basis.

  • Team plans (2-10 accounts) - monthly or save with the yearly plan (paid upfront)

  • Need a Folio for a larger group? Contact us (support@amitree.com) to learn about custom group pricing with our Enterprise plan. 

  • Sign up for a group plan here.

Below is a list of the optional configurations that are provided to group plans, in addition to all the listed features in the paid plans section:

  • Automatic timeline sharing configuration between group members

  • Disable the creation of suggested smart folders

  • Copy of templates, service providers, and resources to group members

  • Control over team member folder suggestions, to prevent duplication of Folders

  • Control over calendar events, so as not to overcrowd calendars


**Priority support**-- We have an SLA of 2 hours during our normal work week (Mon-Fri) for our paid users. Please note we are on Eastern Time.

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