Uninstall Folio from Chrome

To Remove Folio 

  1. Go to your Chrome Settings > Extensions find Folio extension, click on Details
  2. Either Disable (blue toggle button) or Remove 

You can also right-click the green Folio icon on top right of Chrome and choose 'Remove from Chrome.'

What Happens when I Uninstall Folio from Chrome? 

If you Remove Folio, it will only remove the Chrome extension.

  • Your Gmail will no longer have the right-hand sidebar 
  • Your Folio Smart Folders will not be removed 
  • Folio will continue to suggest new transactions or create new Smart Folders 
  • You will be prompted about why you are uninstalling; we would love your thoughts
  • You'll be prompted to cancel (delete) your account when you remove the extension; this is permanent!
  • If you wish to delete your account, which stops suggested transaction and folder creation, learn more here

Note: Folio will not alter, create or delete emails of any kind if you uninstall.

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