Folio integrates with Docusign, to make sending documents out for signatures really easy. When setting up a transaction, be sure to define who you're working with. There are a few ways to do this.

As part of setting up a transaction, you can easily specify who you're working with in the setup prompt:

Or you can click into the CONTACTS tab in the sidebar, and do it there. Click on that menu let's you edit a contact, and from there you can specify a role.

Once you've identified who you're working with, the rest is really easy. Simply open an email that contains an attachment, mouse over it until you see the Folio menu. Then click "Get Signatures with Docusign"

Now you'll see a list of everyone working with you on the transaction, and you can select those people who need to sign the document.

And once you click "Continue to Docusign", you'll see a new window pop-up with your document ready, and the signature details pre-populated! A few more clicks from there and your document is on its way to get signed.

Note: Depending on your screen resolution, you may need to zoom-out inside your browser.

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