You can turn off Google calendar notifications by visiting your settings page.

This will stop the default Google calendar alerts being associated with timeline events. However, if you add a reminder to a timeline event, you will continue to receive a reminder for those events.

Some users on Macs and iPhones have also experienced an additional issue, where those devices, if synced to your Google calendar, create additional notifications. And yes, there is a way to stop them!

What We Know

The issue appears to happen when a Google Calendar (like a Folio Transaction Calendar) is synced to an Apple device. The Apple calendar settings have a default behavior that creates an automatic 2-day prior, 2-hour before alert for each event (or something similar).

Given the number of potential events on a Timeline, across multiple transactions, this can result in a high number of notifications that are delivered to you in a relatively short period.

Although these alerts are related to the Folio Transaction Calendar, they are not created by Folio and are separate from the Reminder(s) option for individual Timeline events.

How To Stop Them

You can disable these additional Apple email alerts by going into your Apple Calendar settings on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple PC.

The suggestions below should not stop the Push Notifications on your device.

iPhone/ iPad Instructions

  • Open the Apple Calendar app

  • Look for and Tap on (!) Calendars at the bottom of the screen

  • Scroll to find the relevant Calendar (i.e. Folio Transactions, {name}'s Transactions)

  • Tap on the (!) to the right of the Calendar name

  • Scroll down to Notifications section

  • Tap the toggle switch to disable Event Alerts

Apple/Mac PC Instructions 

  • Control-click (right-click) on the name of the calendar (i.e. Folio Transactions) in the calendar list, then choose Get Info.

  • If you don’t see the calendar list on the left, choose View > Show Calendar List.

  • Select “Ignore alerts,” then click OK.

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