A few things to check here.

Is Folio installed on the computer you're using?

Much like a phone app, Folio needs to be installed on each computer you wish to use it on, and can only be used while viewing Gmail on the Chrome Browser.

If you are using Chrome, and you're not seeing the Folio icon on that bar (as per the screenshot above), then it means the extension hasn't been installed on that computer. It's easy to fix, just head over to the Google Chrome Webstore and install it again. All of your timelines and account information will be there once you've added it back.

The extension could be hidden on Chrome

If Folio is still not showing up after re-installing, try resetting Folio's settings, in case it was accidentally "hidden"

We know you use many email accounts, and don't want Folio on all of them. That's why we make it easy to "hide" Folio from accounts you don't want to use it on.

Sometimes agents click that option accidentally. It's easy to fix, however. If you visit this link, it resets that preference on your computer, and will make Folio show up again.

Click on the link below to reset your Folio settings:


The extension is corrupted or disabled

During updates Chrome may have issues with the extension and disable it. However, you can quickly address it.

  • Go to chrome://extensions/

  • Look for Folio, do you see messages about it being corrupted?

  • Click on Repair

  • Confirm Folio is Enabled (blue toggle) and refresh your Gmail

It still doesn't appear

If it's still not showing, time for some advanced troubleshooting!

It's rare that the problem can't be fixed before getting to this point, but just in case, here are instructions to gather any errors present, which helps our support team get you up and running again.

How to find console errors

1 - Open your developer console (this lets us see the errors happening behind the scenes)

2. From the resulting window, click on the "Console" tab

3. Copy all the red error text in the window (you should see some), and send that along to support@amitree.com or message us from the blue button below.

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