Calendar Notifications

If your email account is linked to Folio, a synced calendar is automatically created for your transaction Timelines; it's typically named “{Your Name}’s Transactions.” 

By default, Google Calendar will set a 2-day before, or 39 hours before, email and notification message to all events. These notification messages are separate from the Folio timeline reminders that can be set for individual events. 

Disable Notifications

If you're getting too many notifications regarding Folio events that are synced to calendar, you can disable them for individual events or remove them all. 

Individual events:

  • Go to your calendar

  • Click on an event to Edit it

  • Remove the notifications

All events:

You can also disable all the notifications from your synced calendar by toggling the button found in your Settings page.

  • Navigate to

  • Click on the Settings tab

  • Under the "Notifications" heading, click on the button next to "Automatically add calendar notifications for timeline events", so it appears gray and not blue.

Please note the following:

  • The change will apply to all newly created events. It will not remove notifications for previously existing calendar events.

  • This change will only impact the Google Calendar reminders that you receive. We will still create calendar events on your Google Calendar.

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