When you add events to your timeline for the first time, Folio will automatically created a new calendar in your connected Google or Outlook account. The calendar will be named "{Your name}’s transactions" or “Transactions by Folio” which you can find where you ordinarily can see all your calendars.

In both Google and Outlook, the calendars are found on the left-hand side, under “My calendars” or “Your calendars” respectively. 

Now, each new event you add to your calendar will automatically be synced to you calendar.

The calendar sync is one-way, from your timeline to the synced calendar. If you add an event from the calendar, it will not show up on your timeline.

Event details

Events will start with the event title, followed by the short address in the event name. When an event is added, the timeframe will default to an “All Day” event. You can edit or update individual event details when you click into it one of the events. 

Google Calendar default

For Google calendar events, a 2-days before email and notification reminder will be added automatically. 

You can change the default behavior from your Folio Settings page, as some users may find they are getting too many notifications, which you can learn more about here

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