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Profile email address

You can change the email address that is displayed in email sent from Folio. This is helpful if you have connected a Gmail/Office 365 inbox but want to display your custom domain address.

What happens? 

  • The from  email address contained in Folio communications will include your edited email address.
  • Notifications, reminders, and responses related to your timeline will be sent to the listed email address.
  • This does not change the email address Folio is connected to where it interacts with you email, calendar, and creates folders in.
  • If you need to transfer your subscription, contacts

Edit email address 

  • To edit your account settings, sign in to your Folio account at and click on "Profile" in the menu (once logged in)
  • Replace your existing email address
  • Save changes

Have trouble saving changes?

  • Make sure the profile email address, or phone number you want is not associated with a separate Folio account. 
  • Each phone number can only be in our database once, a different Folio account may have your phone number currently listed. Check your other accounts and remove the listed phone number. 

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