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You can create a template for your listing and escrow timelines, so that you don't need to re-enter all the important events manually each time. By default, all users have a buyer and seller template. You can edit or add to these, and create a template that works well for you.

Paid subscribers, however, can create as many templates as they need.

Create a template

Getting started it easy, and I've laid out some simple instructions below. 

1 - Go to the templates page

Visit Folio, and click on TEMPLATES -- Or navigate directly to

2 - Edit the default buyer or listing templates, or add your own.

3 - Add your own events to the template by clicking on a suggestion, or clicking "Add date".

4 - Then SAVE them, and you're done!

Now, when you create a new transaction, you'll be able to apply your template as needed. It's that simple. 


A few things worth noting here:

You can offset your template events by any key date (e.g. before offer accepted, after closing date). When your template is applied, and you've provided a date to the key events, the offsets will be applied.

Your template can use the default headline (e.g. "34 days till closing") based on a timeline's key dates, or you can change that to a custom headline. Simply click the pencil icon, and change the headline as needed.

Please note this only applies to custom templates. 

Common Questions

Can I create more then one template? 

Yes, you can create custom templates to cover different situations like cash only deals, new construction, or out-of-state transactions. 

What events should I add to my templates?

All of them! The events can be set to trigger before or after the key dates (listing, offer accepted, and closing date). This means you can add all your events that involve before going under contract and all the way through closing. Folio will only populate the dates into the timeline once you add the necessary key date.

I don't want all the events to be seen, can I limit who sees them? 

Yes, you can create private and semi-private events by using visibility options. 

Can multiple templates be applied to a timeline? 

No, only one template can be applied at a given time. 

I represent both parties, is there a duel agency template? 

When you create a dual agency transaction, your listing template will be automatically applied. However, if you're a Pro subscriber, you can create a custom template for those special situations.

When is a template applied?
A template is applied when a new transaction is created and at least one contacted has their role identified (Step 2). 

If you created a custom template, Step 3 will provide an option to select your customized template.

I updated my template, will the changes automatically be applied to my existing timelines?
No, but you can use the apply-template tool from to update your existing timelines. It's super easy!

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