Shared timelines are great, but sometimes you need to keep track of things your clients don't need to see – the little details you take care of to move the transaction forward.

By adding a private checklist to your timeline, you can hide specific events from your clients so that only you or your team can see them. This makes it easier to manage all your dates and tasks in one place.

Set up your checklist in your timeline templates

To set up a private checklist, head over to your timeline templates, and click to create a new template event. You'll notice there's an option in the bottom right corner of the window, where you can set the visibility of the event. Clicking that will let you select which group of people should be able to see that event:

These options will let you control who sees which events on your timeline. Here's what each does:

  • "Everyone on the shared timeline" --> Anyone it's shared with can see this event

  • "Only me and people with edit permission" --> Anyone it's shared with as an editor can see this event

  • "Only me" --> Nobody else can see this event

Once you've created template events with a visibility set, you'll see that represented on the timeline by a little lock.

After creating a new smart folder, your template will be applied to the timeline.

You can always double check what your client is going to see before sharing it. Click into the timeline website, and on the bottom of the page, click the eye icon. That lets you see exactly what your client will see.

Add private events to an existing timeline

If you want to add a checklist item to an existing active timeline, simply add the date and set visibility the same way you would in the templates.

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