In a Folio Smart Folder, you can click into the CONTACTS tab to see a list of everyone who was found in an email associated with the transaction. 

Important notes

  • Identifying or adding contacts does not automatically share them to the Timeline. 

  • They will not get notification or emails unless they are specifically invited to the Timeline. 

  • This options is currently only available inside the Folio Gmail sidebar, which requires the extension to be installed. 

Move contacts to the top of the list

You can star a contact to move them to the top:

Adding a new contact

Just in case we've missed someone, you can easily just add them yourself. 

Click "Add Contact", and then you'll see this window open up:

  • Fill out all fields, and once you save, they'll be added to your transaction list.

  • An email address is required to save the contact.

Editing a contact

Find the contact you care about, and click the menu to the right of their name.

  • From there, you can opt to edit their details, or remove them from the transaction. 

  • You can opt to also remove any emails from them from the folder.

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