The timeline is a great place to store all the big events in your transaction, as well as add relevant notes that pertain to them.

Add Events

Add a Date

Creating new events for your timeline is really easy. 

If you're in Gmail, simply click into a transaction (via the Folio menu or the left column), and then select the option to "Add Date" from the right sidebar.

Alternatively, you can also add new events from the Folio dashboard website. 

Suggested Dates

You may also Click on one of the suggested dates which are shown just below the default events.

Name the Event

Clicking on either option will bring up a new screen that will allow you to add a new event. 

From this screen, you can give the event a name or title. Once you start typing, we'll surface typical examples, but you can continue to type your own. 

Date and Time

Select the date (or pick the number of days from offer accepted). You can also set a specific time for the event (defaults to your timezone).

Add or Update Status

Let other know that status of the event. You can also add or update the status of an event by using one of our pre-created statuses or create your own.

Set Reminders

You can add reminders to your events. These reminders will trigger an email to everyone shared on the timeline based on the relevant date.


You can use this section to communicate relevant information. Notes added to the event will be visible to everyone shared on the timeline. 

Currently, the notes section is limited to text, no attachments or images can be added. However, you can always leave a URL for others to follow.

See your event on the timeline

Your newly created event(s) will sync with your Google calendar, as well as the timeline website.

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