When you're done with a transaction, but want to keep the record around, you can archive it. This simply pushes the transaction out of your view, but gives you the ability to get it back when needed. 

If you simply want to delete a transaction, you can do that too.

In both cases, Folio does not remove any email. That remains in your inbox unless you explicitly delete it.

Archiving Smart Folders

To archive a smart folder, click into the smart folder you want to archive, and then click the Folio button. There's an option there to 'Archive {property address}.' 

Once archived, the folder will be placed under the 'Folio Archive' label. Folio will also remove any related events from your synced transaction calendar.

Archive from the Website

You can also archive smart folders and their associated timelines from the main Folio website. 

  • From your Folio page click on the menu (three-dots) button to the right of your timeline and then click "archive." 

  • Confirm you wish to archive the folder. 

  • Folio will also remove any related events from your synced transaction calendar.

Un-Archive or Restore Smart Folder

Once you have archived a smart folder, it will live in a new section labeled Folio Archive (under the 'More' dropdown in the left-hand column). 

After clicking on the archived folder, you will see a prompt to:

  • 'Download Emails to a PDF' to request a PDF of the related emails

  • 'Restore' which will re-activate your transaction folder, and it's existing timeline if you have a slot available. 

These actions currently only exist through the Folio Gmail extension, and not on the website. 

If you are using the new version of Gmail, you may have to click on 'More' or use the sliding bar to find your archived folders.

Deleting Smart Folders

You can delete the Smart Folder and it's associated timeline by going to its settings. 

  • Click on the top-right menu of the sidebar (three dots) and then click on "Edit". 

  • From there click on "Delete" on the bottom right of the window.

Note that deleting the Smart Folder will not affect your emails, it will simply remove the label from those emails. Your emails will continue to exist in your Gmail Inbox or found in All Mail.

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