Smart Folders in Gmail

If you're a Gmail user, Folio will automatically find and create smart folders for your transactions. It does this by looking for things that indicate something is a transaction, like certain keywords in combination with a residential address. When you manually create a transaction, it also organizes emails for that too. 

A smart folder in Gmail behaves like a label -- it shows up in the left column in your inbox, and clicking into it shows all of those emails that have been tagged with that label.

A few more important details:

  • Smart Folders are automatically once you create an account for anything Folio thinks is a transaction

  • Folio looks back 30 days only, it will not sort older transactions

  • New email received that is part of a transaction, is automatically added to that smart folder

  • An email is not moved to a smart folder -- it will continue to exist in both your inbox and the folder. This is because Folio has simply added a label to the email, it hasn't created a copy of the email

Smart Folders in Outlook

If you're an Outlook user, you can opt into email organization by visiting your settings page. Opting in means Folio will create folders for transactions you create, and automatically move emails into those folders once they're received. Learn more about it here.

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