Folio automatically labels transaction emails that contain the property address. Sometimes, transaction emails don't contains the address, so Folio may miss it. To keep things organized, you can move emails into the Smart Folder as you normally would in Gmail:

Move emails to the right Smart Folder

  • You can drag and drop emails into your smart folder from the message list. When you move an email, it will be shown only in the Smart Folder and will not be in your inbox.

Label emails to see them grouped under a Smart Folder

  • You can also apply the label, as you do with normal labels. Simply open a single email, or select multiple emails from the message list, and click the label icon in the toolbar above the messages. Selecting the specific Folio smart folder will add them to it. When an email is labeled, it will be shown in both the Smart Folder and your inbox (and in any other labels you've applied).

Removing an email from a smart folder

When you have an email open, you'll see the labels show in the message body. Simply "X" the Folio label from there.

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