Folio is the first smart email assistant for busy professionals. Once you connect your inbox, it gets to work organizing your emails and related documents, attachments, and contacts. Never search for ‘that document’ again. Everything you need for your business is right there at your fingertips.

We built Folio because frankly, email sucks. It’s an unstructured stream of work you need to do and it’s even more work to keep up with labeling and sorting it all. So we built an army of algorithms that can understand what you’re working on and where everything should go. It learns from you as you use Folio, getting smarter over time. Our users tell us it’s the magic tool they never knew they needed, but once they have it, can’t live without. Read 200+ user reviews.

Key Features:

  • Automatically organizes email into Smart Folders by sender, topic, or project
  • Contextual sidebar in your email (via our Chrome extension) that shows you all related emails, documents, calendar events, and contacts for each Smart Folder & sender
  • Project timelines that keep everyone in sync (coming soon)
  • Google Drive integration (coming soon)
  • DocuSign integration (coming soon!)
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