As a group plan subscriber (Team, Business, Custom) you can manage your group from the Collaborators page. 

Who has access to this page? 

The primary subscriber to the plan, the folio account that the subscription was purchased under. Does that need to change? Contact us if it’s best to move the subscription to someone else.

Adding group members

To add a new member simply:

  • Add their email address 
  • Save

Can’t add members? 

First confirm the email address they used to connect to Folio, or the one the have displayed in their Folio profile. 

  • We were unable to find an account for {email address}

If they don’t have a Folio account, they will first need to create a free one. Have them visit and sign-in to create their account. 

  • There is an existing subscription for {email address}

If they are a current paid subscriber, contact for assistance. 

Removing group members

  • Click on the "REMOVE" button next to the member's email address
  • Confirm you want to remove them

Removing the team members revokes the user's access to premium Folio features. Please note, the account that creates a timeline retains control of the timeline, which cannot be transferred to another account.

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