We can help move your subscription over to another Folio account.

All you need to do is send us a message with the following:

  • The email address of the current subscription holder
  • Which email account we need to transfer to 
  • Please make sure the new account is already connected to Folio (sign up at amitree.com)

Important notes

Do not delete the account with the current subscription, nor the transactions if you want to continue managing them.
The ownership of Folio transactions cannot be transferred to your new account. However, if you have transactions you want to continue managing with your new account, just share them with edit permissions.

Learn more about sharing transaction with others here

Common situations

Unable to create a Folio account for your new email address or you get a message that the address is already in use? 

You likely have your Folio profile email address set to display the email you want connected.

  • Go to amitree.com/folio
  • Go to the Profile tab
  • Change your email back to the original email address Folio connected to, and Save
  • Sign out and try to sign up again
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