When you create a smart folder, Folio will fetch the property photo from Google street view. 

Sometimes, there is no image available for a specific address or area, and no image will be displayed. Fear not! You can always add your picture or replace the existing picture with one of your own. 

Upload photo (Gmail sidebar)

  1. Click on the 3-dot menu on top of the sidebar, and select "Upload photo." 
  2. From there you'll be able to choose a new photo from your files. 

Upload photo (Outlook and web)

  1. Click on the timeline icon on the right of the screen
  2. Hover over and click on the picture icon on the top-left of the timeline page
  3. Select your image and open/save

Common Questions

Where is the image displayed?
The image you upload will display on the Folio Sidebar, as well as in the Timeline. 

Are there any limits to the image I can upload?
There is no file size limit. However, the uploaded images are restricted to the following file types:

  • The image must a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif

I don't see the option to upload, what am I missing?
Currently, the option to upload a photo only exists within our Chrome Gmail extension.

  • If you have not installed it, you can do so here 
  • If the sidebar is missing from your Gmail, learn more here 
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